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Whether you use a whistle every day,
or haven't yet gotten a real tweet out of one, you'll enjoy these.
Check out the designs below, if you see one you like, click on it to visit that section of our store.
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If it moves, herd it! If it doesn't move, watch it!
Border Collies like to herd anything that will move, sheep, cattle, goats, ducks, cats, kids, tennis balls!
This design is still "in the works." But there are many others already in the store! Keep checking back!



Be sure to scroll down to see the whole selection of Shepherd's Whistle designs!

Do you seem to have a failure to communicate?
It would seem that a Border Collie's selective hearing works every bit as good for whistled commands as the spoken (yelled), commands!
Breathing Problems?
See Momisums come to haunt us!
Momisums come to haunt us!
Of course, Mother wasn't trying to catch up with a Border Collie who's got your sheep headed for the neighbor's North fourty at top speed either!
It's amazing just how fast everything can go to pieces!
Did you know sheep could actually crawl UNDER a horse trailer, let alone climb up over all the spectators in the stands?
Never stick your tongue on cold metal in the winter!
If you haven't thought of it before, you will this winter!
Does your dog look confused?
AwayToMe!ComeBye,ComeBye, DOWN!WalkUpDown!DownDownDown!'WayToMe HereHereDown,GetBack,ListenToME! Hmmm, We've all been there!

Please note, the images you find throughout BuzzSaw's Border Collie Graphics and Store are the product of long hours and hard work. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor and am delighted that you have visited. However, please note, that just because you have found these images on the Web do not construe that they are public domain. Please respect copyright laws. If nothing else, respect my right to the fruits of my labor. Thank you!