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Region 19 Flyball, includes Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming teams. Our Club is Rocky Mountain Flyball, Darby and BuzzSaw both run on teams with the club. Skye is retired, and unfortunately, Mick has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.

The Denver Speed Demons club formed in 2007. We were previously part of the DEO Speedwaggin' flyball club. DEO began training and competing in flyball in 2002 and was one of the oldest and largest clubs in the state. Due to DEO's rapid growth in Colorado, the group split into five different regional clubs. The Denver area group is now The Denver Speed Demons. We compete in NAFA (North American Flyball Association) sanctioned tournaments and put on flyball demonstrations for various groups and events in the Denver area.
Launch Flyball Club Logo
We are a NAFA flyball club located in Colorado. Our club is comprised of dedicated flyballers from the front range area of Colorado. We do not teach classes, but are available for seminars and demonstrations.


Phantom Flyers
The Phantom Flyers Flyball club is located in Brighton Colorado. Phantom Flyers wants you and your dog to have lots of fun while learning to play flyball safely. Jo Crickenberger, e-mail

Rocky Mountain Flyball Logo
Rocky Mountain Flyball is a Colorado flyball club in Region 19 of the North American Flyball Association. While racing primarily in NAFA sanctioned tournaments, we also support the growth of UFLI. Rocky Mountain Flyball is a non-profit flyball club created to obtain freedom and flexibility in sponsoring tournaments in the Region 19 area. We are based in Loveland, Colorado, and offer classes and practice for local Flyball dogs.
RUFF Flyball logo
RUFF was the first official Flyball club in the state of Colorado formed in September of 2000. One of our goals has been to promote the sport and help new teams get up and running all across the region. Colorado dogs deserve to play, too!

Westside Woofers

Westside Woofers
MariAnne Fifield, e-mail

Region 19 Flyball, New Mexico teams.


The Duke City Chile Dogs were New Mexico first FlyBall team and are members in good standings with NAFA and U-FLI FlyBall Associations.


Contact Liz Goldwin, e-mail

Region 19 Flyball, Wyoming teams.

The Hole In The Wall Gang Logo
Flyball comes to Laramie, Wyoming! We're a small NAFA flyball club based in Laramie, Wyoming. Wyoming is in NAFA Region 19 along with Colorado and New Mexico. We're the first and only flyball club in Wyoming! Our first tournament was RUFF in the Rockies in June, 2004. We've come a long way since then!

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