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Is your new business needing a logo? Then, how about marketing tools, like brochures, ads, posters, and maybe some apparel, mugs, mouse pads and other marketing logo goods to wear or give as gifts?

Do you need a newsletter or even small newspaper to help market yourself?

Are you planing an event, and need a program put together, or an event map for your logistics?

Or, perhaps you are looking for a special gift for a pet lover, or would like to memorialize a pet, check out our Pet Portraits.

Now, maybe you would like to learn some basics of Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator, or QuarkXPress. I have taught these professionally, locally and am available for tutoring.

Welcome to my portfolio, please poke around and enjoy. My name is Terry Hardey and I am an independent graphic artist based in Denver, Colorado. My experience includes identity graphics such as logos, business cards and stationary. I also design collateral products, such as flyers, brochures, ads, and posters.

Any designs I create (or if you have your own to be prepared), can be displayed on a wide range of logo goods, via an online store I maintain. Our logo goods range from apparel to mugs, from mouse pads to calendars, greeting cards to canvas tote bags. We even have teddy bears with printable T-shirts and doggie T-shirts.

So, please come on in, click on the buttons below, to visit the various sections in my portfolio!

You will find contact phone number and e-mail on most pages, if you are interested in commissioning me for work. For that matter, just love to hear from dog owners, especially Border Collie people! It is always fun to swap war stories!

You will also find a button named Resume, which will lead you to a page with my full resume, in pdf form. It is 736k in size.

Of course, things are always under construction, so there will always be changes happening. Ha! The nature of a graphic artist!

Remember, the buttons below represent different sections of my portfolio, I hope you enjoy!

Terry Hardey's Resume




Resume Heading

Please note, the images you find throughout BuzzSaw's Border Collie Graphics and Store are the product of long hours and hard work. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor and am delighted that you have visited. However, please note, that just because you have found these images on the Web do not construe that they are public domain. Please respect copyright laws. If nothing else, respect my right to the fruits of my labor. Thank you!