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My commissions vary, depending on the portrait. The portraits I produce are digital, at a dpi of 300. This means that while I create them in a specific size for framing, they can digitally be scaled, within limits. You can safely scale them down as small as you like, but since they are raster, they can only be scaled larger with care. Too large and they will print out fuzzy.

I do not take commissions through the winter, as we (the Border Collies & I), are out chasing Canada geese. In the early spring (March and April), the goose season is just wrapping up and the "painting" season is just beginning, so I do not have much of a waiting list. You will need to contact me for current time frames.

The base price on an 11 by 14 inch portrait (300 dpi), is $200.00 US Dollars. This would be for a face portrait, such as "Colorado Skye," in the gallery, with no actual background. A simple wash background, like "Scamp's" is no extra charge, it is not actually painted. Additional furkids is $50.00 US, each. A full body picture, such as "Skeeter On A Log" or "Red Oak, full body," with their original background would be $300.00 Changing the background, such as "Be-Be Rescued" is an additional $100.00 US.

I require a 50 % good faith deposit before beginning work. The balance of the payment will be required once the painting is completed and ready to ship to you. The best and quickest way to pay from overseas is a Telegraphic Transfer, or "wired." Bank details including IBAN, sort code and account number given on request. Work is begun immediately on notification from my bank that the 50 % deposit has been received. The final electronic file will be e-mailed to you upon receipt of final payment to my bank. (Or if needed, I can post a printed version and / or CD with file burned to it.)

When I begin work on a portrait, there is a lot of time and "heart" poured into the over all project. At this point in our relationship, all I can offer you in guarantees is my word. I delight in getting to know my subjects and their humans. I want you to be absolutely delighted with your portrait, your furkids are as important to you as mine are to me. If you are not happy with the outcome, I will work with you to resolve the issue or refund you the full purchase price (less any shipping or handling.)

All through the process of creation, I will be e-mailing you jpgs, showing progress, from initial mock up to finished portrait. While I paint from a main photo of your furkid, additional photos are always helpful. These can be digital, from a digital camera, or you can scan photographs to send to me. The main photo I use needs to be high resolution, for me to be able to get as much detail as possible. Remember, these photos are all I have to go on, since I can't see your pet in person. Upon receipt of your photos I will advise if they are suitable or give photography guidance.

Often some manipulation in photoshop is called for, to clean the photo, adjust color, or perhaps remove something, like dog tags, if you wish. This is where I can combine two or three faces, and we decide on the arrangement of the faces. I can also add in background, or improve background, such as "Pool Party." Your input is always welcomed. If needed, I can always send you little print outs via 'snail mail,' while slow, it would give you a better feel for things like color.

If you are not in the United States, it would be wise for you to determine common frame sizes near your home, and we work to that size, rather than the frames I'm accustomed to using here in the US. I can set up at any size, but having an idea of the frame dimensions would insure the portrait would be centered nicely.

Shipping should not be an issue, as long as I can e-mail a large file to you. Once you receive the file, you can burn it to a CD and take it to a printer. Or, I can e-mail directly to your printer, but they would need to be able to speak English, for us to communicate. They may need for me to make changes in the color format, to print right on their printers. If, in the end, you are not able to get a good print out locally, due to computer or color issues, I can print your portrait out here and we can discuss shipping at that time.


Please note, the images you find throughout BuzzSaw's Border Collie Graphics and Store are the product of long hours and hard work. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor and am delighted that you have visited. However, please note, that just because you have found these images on the Web do not construe that they are public domain. Please respect copyright laws. If nothing else, respect my right to the fruits of my labor. Thank you!