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Bios of the Hardey Border Collies

Fawn is my good right hand. She is a smooth coat Border Collie and originally hails from Canada. While she is not fond of swimming and takes a lot of encouraging to get in the water, she is a fantastic partner for controlling geese. She loves to sit up in the front seat of the pick up and watch for geese. I’ve had her spot geese I missed seeing! I suppose it helps that she isn’t trying to drive while looking...
Tug is a 10 year old rough coat tri-color Border collie. He has never been speedy, like Fawn, but steady and methodical. He is my main fellow for swimming, again, very steady. He will respond to traditional herding flanking commands in the water, pushing the geese across the water under my directions. Tug is a big loving bear of a dog, always ready to mooch a bit of petting.
Darby is our youngster, and like any kid, she is quick, not always thinking first. She is a smooth coated tri-color Border collie. Like Fawn, she is not fond of swimming, but will do it with encouragement. On land, she is fast moving, and dedicated to spooking Canada geese. At home, she is a total cuddler, and for R&R competes in Flyball.
Skye is a black and white rough coat Border Collie, and is from our family line of BC’s started by my husband in 1961. While she loves working sheep, she is not fond of chasing Canada Geese, since she can’t round them up and bring them back to me. So she basically just runs with the other dogs, giving the geese another ‘preditor’ to watch and worry about.
BuzzSaw is a rough coat Border Collie. She is somewhat short coupled for a Border Collie, and so not fast on land. Quite cute, it is hard to see her as a threat, but she is a dedicated chaser of Canada geese. Her equal interest in chasing squirrels has kept her from being a regular on the route. However, when it comes to water, she is truly in her element, and will swim for however long it takes to clear all the geese off the pond—she is quite posessive about her ponds!

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